Sheet Metal Fabrication

PE Metalworks, Inc. can build the sheet metal part you need to your exact specifications. Whether cutting, forming, or welding, every part is inspected at each step of the process. This reduces any potential for error and allows your project to run smoothly and on time.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is generally used for industrial metal manufacturing. Cutting sheet metal with a laser allows us to cut as small or large an area of a sheet as required, maximizing efficiency while minimizing waste.

Bend and Form

Precision possesses two separate press brakes, allowing us to make individual or multiple bends to material with incredible accuracy. Each bend is thoroughly calibrated to be within required tolerance and inspected before ever leaving the shop floor.


Whether to close seams on a fabricated part, or to construct a final assembly from individual pieces, Precision offers MIG, TIG, and spot-welding (resistance welding) services.

Hardware and Assembly

Once your parts are made to specification, Precision Engraving can assemble the final product, or affix hardware such as hinges, pems, studs, or gaskets, saving customers the time it would otherwise take to build their final product.

Powder Coating

Precision can apply powder coating to your final product: Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to fit a professional look for your sheet metal item.

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