Sheet Metal Fabrication

At PE Metalworks, we specialize in precision sheet metal fabrication services tailored to meet your exact specifications. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled craftsmen with a combined 120+ years of experience, we deliver high-quality solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our Services

Custom Fabrication: From initial design to final assembly, we offer custom fabrication solutions to bring your ideas to life. Whether you need plastic or metal prototypes or large-scale production runs, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Precision Cutting and Forming: Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to cut and form sheet metal with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring precise dimensions and tight tolerances for your components.

Welding: We provide expert welding services to join metal parts seamlessly.  Our teams are experienced with TIG and MIG welding techniques.  We aim to product parts with the cleanest, smoothest welds and fewer imperfections than anyone in the industry.

PEM Insertion and Secondary Operations: We offer a wide variety of additional operations, including PEM insertion and machining of thicker materials.  

Finishing and Coating: We can enhance the durability and aesthetics of your components with our finishing and coating services, including powder coating, painting, and plating options.  Read more about our finishing capabilities here.

Our Equipment

  • Amada CNC Laser 
  • Amada CNC Press Brakes
  • Mig-Tig Welding Stations
  • PEM Stations & Spotwelding Station
  • Grinding & Finishing Stations
  • CNC Routing and Punching Stations
  • Secondary Operations
  • Full Powder Coating Line
  • Graphics: Metal Photo and Canon Industrial Printer