Engineering Design

PE Metalworks’ engineering team adds significant value to its clients with insights into material selection, sourcing, and product design for manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. In addition, our team is an extension of yours, able to support in updating drawings, creating or updating CAD or SolidWorks models, and offering support to reduce costs and manufacturing timelines.

Our Services

Material Selection and Sourcing: We assist in choosing the right materials for your project, considering factors like strength, durability, and cost-efficiency. We ensure timely sourcing of high-quality materials. 

Product Design for Manufacturability and Cost-Effectiveness: We conduct thorough cost analyses to identify opportunities for cost reduction without compromising product quality. From material choices to manufacturing techniques, we strive to find innovative solutions that maximize value for our clients.

Our Equipment

  • Primary: AutoCAD and SolidWorks software certified
  • Secondary: Experience in Creo and Fusion360