The graphics department at PE offers flatbed printing, screen printing, and Metalphoto® services. These processes allow us to manufacture identification plates, control panels, labels, dials, scales, signage, and more.


Flatbed printing uses UV curable inks to print on first surfaces or sub-surfaces up to 1.5’’ thick. We are able to print on plastics such as Lexan, or coated metals all the way up to high definition—allowing for small text, intricate logos, and images with multiple colors to be clear and crisp.


Metalphoto® is photosensitive, anodized aluminum that can be used to create durable, high-resolution nameplates, labels, and control panels. This durability comes from the image, which is sealed inside of the aluminum and resists corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, temperature change and chemical exposure. Since development in 1950, Metalphoto® has been trusted by industry leaders, military, and government organizations for nameplate, label and control panel applications where permanence and resolution is required.